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Never underestimate the importance between a business & a brand. Emotion & belief compel sales!

We transform businesses into captivating brands, but with many people still using the two terms interchangeably, we should help you recognise the difference and decide if you are ready to turn your business into a brand.

A business is your products, services, and the things you offer. It is what makes you money. Many self-employed people start with a passion, or turn a hobby into a business, decide on a name, and a logo and choose some colours they like. Then they focus on driving income, and at some point, they realise they are struggling to grow or find they are attracting people who don't align with their core values. Their passion now feels like a 'job' rather than their calling, which is draining rather than fulfilling.

We have all been there. As a serial entrepreneur, I am the queen of shiny object syndrome. In other

words, this magpie loves to start new projects. For many, it is the inclination to continually chase the latest trends, opportunities, and ideas without assessing their benefit first. Shiny object syndrome usually causes distraction, procrastination, overwhelm, anxiety, stress and a lack of focus. Thankfully I have found ways to make the best use of this, and instead of it being a problem, it has become a superpower. I identified my passions, beliefs, and why I do what I do, grew a team of like-minded people and carefully designed a brand that not only represents all of this but also attracts the clients we love to work with.

The difference between a brand and a business is simple: a business exists to make money, and a brand shines a light on the unique magic the person behind the business brings to their industry. In doing so, people emotionally connect to it and choose it repeatedly.

Answer these 5 questions to identify whether you are running a business or growing a brand.

  1. Do you know why you do what you do?

  2. Can you articulate your brand story, values, mission and strategy clearly?

  3. Is your business material (digital and print) identifiable? (Logo, typography, colours, imagery and language)

  4. Do you attract people you love to work with time and time again?

  5. Does your website save you time and increase sales?

If you answered yes to 4 or more then you are successfully on your way or already growing a brand, if you answered no to 3 or more you would benefit from our services. If you already know you'd like to learn how to transform your business into a brand, grab our Autumn offer, and let's get started.

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