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A selection of photos to represent our portfolio of work

Our Work

Take a peek at some of our client designs below. In each of these projects, we shone a light on what makes the human behind their business unique. We created a vision and an identity that communicates that. It sets them apart from the competition, giving them clarity that captivates and creates a powerful connection with the customers they love, facilitating transformation and freedom. 


Our unique 'Branding with Colour Clarity' services, facilitate the creation of Human-Centred Web Design & Brand Identity. Crafting a captivating brand, connecting you with clients you adore whilst giving you more time, money and opportunities for self-care.

Four Paws Pantry

This is a family-run Raw Dog Food Delivery Business. We focused on giving them a cohesive Brand, which represented both the Directors' unique tastes and passions, whilst giving the end-users an easy-to-use ordering system. This company had a strong sense of community, whilst embracing their love of nature and all things organic, they fell well within the Autumn Season and we used this to craft their Brand Refresh and new Website. 

The Fallen Heroes Band

This band has been together for over 20 years and needed a new website which was easy for them to update and maintain. Whilst they had a strong logo they needed it incorporated into a full brand identity. As a band they are decisive, distinctive and dramatic, they are experts in their field and fall squarely within the Winter Season. We love how their new site turned out. 

The Dog Shop by Lady Pea's

Having identified that supplying products directly and online would be a perfect second business, The Dog Shop evolved into its own entity and needed its own website and brand. As a forward thinking, friendly and informal business it bounced itself into the Spring personality and its site grew from there

Some examples of websites we designed

A screenshot of The Fallen Heroes About page.  Showing all the band members and a bit about them

Some examples of brands we crafted

Brand Identify board for Four Paws Pantry showing their colours, fonts and images that represent the company.
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