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The Bewitching Brands Team

Bewitching Brands is made up of three magical women who combine their strengths and experiences to provide world-class branding and website design services, which is not only accessible, and easy to implement but also affordable. They each bring their unique backgrounds, knowledge and talents to help you transform your business into a bewitching brand which shines a like on what makes you unique to attract clients you love working with. 

Nice To Meet You!

Photos of the Bewitching Brands Team, Eryn in the sea holding her daughter, Rach sat with her Collie dog Mord, Susie knelt down next to a large tourtose.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.


We are all perfectly imperfect and shouldn't be afraid to show our flaws. Do what you love.

Be You Bravely!


What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide, what kind of difference you want to make.

Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference. 


Eryn is a self-professed serial entrepreneur, with 4 businesses under her belt! Before entering the self-employed world, Eryn had an impressive selection of roles to her name. Starting in hospitality as a Silver Server and Barista to working in admin for Ofstead and the Offices of Fair Trading, to the Box Office and Switchboard Operator for The British Museum, a Lingerie Consultant, Horse Trainer, as the Vice President of Media Communications at the Southampton Institute Student Union, an Architectural Office Manager, an Estate Agent, a Dog Walker, a Dog Daycare Owner, a Dog Trainer, an Animal Behaviourist and Business Coach. Despite her MA in Public Relations and her full C.V when setting up her first dog-related venture, she still managed to forget the fundamentals.

Eryn has been where you are! Like many women's businesses, it started as a part-time role that grew into a profitable business even though she hadn't established a clear foundation or plan. Eryn tried to model what others were doing, but every time she did, she confused herself and lost what made her unique. 

In 2019 Eryn took time to reassess what makes businesses thrive and discovered how to turn companies into Bewitching Brands. She now shares this with people like you, focusing on putting what makes you unique at the core of your business, attracting your ideal clients and giving you a life full of fun, freedom and fulfilment. All whilst homeschooling her daughter and supporting her musician husband.

The women she works with say, "It feels like magic", and who's to say there isn't a little magic behind the scenes?

Hello, I'm Eryn! 

Eryn Martyn-Godfrey holding her daughter in the sea

Hello, I'm Susie! 

Susie knelt by a large tourtose outside

Susie has over 20 years of business and entrepreneurship experience, including her 2:1 MA in Marketing. From being a successful Estate Agent to a Sales Assistant, then as a Marketing and Business Development Adviser to the Lincolnshire Events Centre Events Coordinator, as the Executive Assistance / Deputy Conference Manager for Lincolnshire YMCA, to her current role as a Dog Trainer starting in 2012 in addition to sharing her skills as a Business Coach.


Susie is much more than just a wife and a mother of two small boys. She continues to run a successful home boarding and dog daycare centre whilst providing online training for pet owners and dogs alongside her role as one of our Three Magical Business Coaches. Thanks to this varied career, she has learnt what it takes to thrive – often finding out the hard way (which is excellent for you, as it means she can guide you to the easier route and keep you on track!).


Susie is passionate about helping women build and grow thriving businesses they love. By creating unique magnetic marketing materials that communicate their worth with confidence and enjoy the fun, freedom, and fulfilment, transforming their business into a Bewitching Brand brings to them.

Rach has had a varied working life. She has worked in banking, sales, admin, casinos, restaurant and hotel management, as a taxi driver, a responsible and reputable breeder of working dogs, a TTouch Practitioner and a Dog Trainer, primarily remaining within the service industry. 

Also, her fifty-plus years of experience with all things dogs has resulted in her sharing her life with six dogs and one very understanding husband. Together they run a thriving local Raw Dog Food Delivery company Four Paws Pantry, in Christchurch, Dorset. When Rach isn't working with the pantry, she focuses her passions and enthusiasm on Making a Difference for Dogs, the CIC she founded in 2020 and is one of three directors, her husband Phil and Eryn being the other two who make up the M.A.D for Dogs CIC Team.

Rach is our wordsmith. She is a true genius when it comes to communicating clearly and effectively. She shares her experience and knowledge in a nurturing and supportive way.  Her talent for listening, helping tease out why you do what you do, and then identifying colours and their seasons is second to none, and as such, if you have the pleasure of her mentoring you, you will be in very safe hands.

Hello, I'm Rach! 

Rach sat outside next to her border collie Mord.
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