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A lady meditating by a lake, we help moving the stress from your business

Are you struggling to stand out from rivals?

We believe in shining a light on the person behind the business, uniting their unique magic to their brand

Does your website attract
the clients you love?

Our Services

We craft captivating, Bewitching Brands with our unique services, by celebrating your unique magic across both digital and print. Attracting and enchanting customers you love, creating a powerful connection and making you the only choice. 

Cohesive Web Design

Every small business needs a website as a home base even if you sell or advertise your services on facebook, Instagram etsy or any other site.  Having a continual looking site that flows and works with your other social media outlets is key to helping to attach your ideal clients.

Icons BB.png

Colour Connected Branding

Whether you have a logo and some colours you use for your business already or you are starting with a blank canvas we can show you how to create a bewitching brand that not only highlights what makes you unique but attracts the people you love to work with. 

Bewitching BrushstrokePink
Bewitching BrushstrokePink
Bewitching BrushstrokePink

We create divine and magical brands so you can focus on what you do best

Client Case Study Before & After

Old Website

Previous site was very text heavy, lacking in visuals to entice. Navigation was tricky with far too many choices and no structure. Didn't represent the client or 'feel' like her.

Kats and Dogs Before

Brand refresh with website re-design, focusing on usability, clarity of services, SEO, navigation and giving a new online learning hub. Client loves how her personality is represented and how her brand colours are attracting her ideal clients.

Kats and Dogs, After

New Website

Our Branding & Web Design Services

Personalised Branding & Web Design

Personalised branding & web design to help you stand out from the crowd, attract people you love to work with, and actually grow your service business.

“I've had so many light bulb moments, starting with taking the time to help with my why. Now my business is set up to attract my ideal clients and for me to provide the personal, dedicated service I've always wanted.”

- Rachael Landymore

“When I first started delving into why I do what I do, I had no idea that it would become such a journey of discovery. Bewitching Brands give you confidence, and equip you with a myriad skills to drive your business forward.”

- Philip Birt

“We now have our services, payment plans, online courses and even an active community group (off of Facebook) all in one place, we even have an app. Our clients are navigating the site more easily and feedback has been wonderful.”

- Vicky Strickland

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