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DIY Web Design Workshop

Whether you sell or advertise your services through word of mouth, flyers, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy or any other site, every small business needs a website.  But it can be hard to justify the cost of a designer or sometimes even harder to hand over the control to someone else. If this is you, then our DIY Workshop is ideal. You can learn to create your own incredible site and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost. 

How does it work?

Websites are a fantastic way to make a statement about your business. They are a great way to direct traffic, collect leads, and engage potential followers and customers with your brand. Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, an e-Commerce site, or any business operating today, you need a fully optimised professional website!

A website says much about you as a company and brand. It's your digital business card.

This workshop is a step-by-step, in-depth course on creating a fully responsive professional website from start to finish. 

We start with TWO Prep sessions before the whole design day. All sessions are recorded so you can catch up later or watch them back. We have also included 2 months of a Wix plan for each participant so that they can really get to know their site with our full support.

What is included?

  • Initial 2-hour Prep Session to understand your likes and dislikes, the look you like, and the language you use and you.

  • The second 2-hour Prep Session focuses on understanding payment systems, the information you need about your services for online booking, and how to choose images and gather testimonials.

  • A whole day designing a captivating 4-page website (Home | About | Services with Booking System | Blog ) with options to add extra pages, we have regular check-ins throughout the day, holding your hand throughout the design process. 

  • Payment systems and Social Media Links are connected

  • Design Optimisation for Mobile

  • Set up Bookings & Blog Pages

  • For eCommerce, up to 10 products are added - Delivery Areas, Returns and Invoices.
  • Implementing Immersive Branding and Marketing (e.g. bringing all your brand's elements together, including colours, fonts, patterns, and shapes)

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basic Setup

Some of our clients

A screenshot of The Fallen Heroes website.  Showing their about page.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Choose to Spread the cost

  • 199.50£
    Every month
    Spread the cost over 2 monthly payments
    Valid for 2 months
  • 133£
    Every month
    Spread the cost over 3 monthly payments
    Valid for 3 months

Why Choose Us?


We have been where you are. We know what your service business website needs, and we make it super-easy to use & update. Giving you complete control & security.


We know that once you decide to change your website, you don't want to be waiting for weeks. Instead you have the control to launch on the day.

Pricing For All Wallets!

We know during these harder times we want to help all of our clients afford our services.  This is why we created the Pink Bottle Pricing scale and designed this workshop


After the workshop you will still be able to receive 24/7 support through wix as well as an amazing library of help videos. If you find you'd like more from us we are always happy to help.

What does the DIY website Workshop include?

Easy drag n' drop

Upload your images and text, and add pages and blog posts. Change everything or nothing.

You can add or swap in your own images whenever you like.

Don't Put Off Launching We Get Everything Live Quickly

As soon as you purchase your workshop we will send you a form to fill in via email. After the Prep Sessions you will feel ready to get stuck in and Launch on the Design Day.

Wix Platform

We build our websites on this flexible platform to make it easier for you to control your site. Built for non-tech people, you can easily add blogs, and change text and images without having to pay a designer every time you want to tweak something.

Security First

Wix uses the latest best practices in website security and every site includes a  FREE SSL Certificate.

Your site is backed up daily so if there is ever an issue they can just pull the last backup for you – and boom you are back up and running!

Designed for Service Businesses

Beautifully styled, sleek, clean and simple to get your message across. Comes with Home, About, Services, and Blog plus you can go on to add pages, posts and images as you like in the future.

Blogs are VITAL for SEO We Give You Your Own Blog

Your website will come complete with a Blog page for you to start blogging!


If you aren’t ready to start blogging just yet you can just turn this feature off.

Support & Hosting

No tumbleweed…once your website is live we don’t leave you alone to flounder, with your small monthly Wix fee all the hosting, maintenance, technical updates, and security reviews are done for you so you can concentrate on running your business knowing your website is up to date.

Connect With Clients

Included in your website package is a Call To Action form on every page of your site where visitors can email you or sign up for your email list.


Growing your audience organically.

Connect or Choose Your Domain Name

If you have a domain name for your business we will connect your website to it.


If you need a domain name for your business we can help you decide on the best name and register this for you with Wix.

Integrated Social Media Accounts

We will help you link your site to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account, so visitors to your site can start ‘liking’ your page straight away. We can even guide you to adding a LIVE Feed to your Instagram Account!

SEO Ready

Getting on the first page of Google is important for any business whether your clients are local or not.

We show you how to optimise your new website so search engines love you and potential clients can find and choose your business.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Choose to Spread the cost

  • 199.50£
    Every month
    Spread the cost over 2 monthly payments
    Valid for 2 months
  • 133£
    Every month
    Spread the cost over 3 monthly payments
    Valid for 3 months
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